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Smile-Friendly Summer Food & Drinks

Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists understands that nobody wants to undergo oral surgery this summer, so we created a list that informs consumers about what food and beverages they can enjoy this summer. The great thing about this list? You guessed it. These foods and beverages help promote healthy oral care. Oral surgery […]

How to Pick the Right Oral Surgeon

When it comes to picking the right oral surgeon, there is no such thing as being too careful. At Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists, we understand how critical this first step in the oral surgery process is. But what should you look for in an oral surgeon and how do you know if […]

Bone Grafting – Introducing PRGF

Let’s face it, there’s more to a pretty smile than nice teeth. Healthy bones are an essential component in maintaining a camera-perfect smile. At Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists, we understand that not everyone has perfect oral health. Dental implants and bone grafting are excellent solutions for an imperfect smile. If you’re ready […]

Importance of Facial Protection

April was National Facial Protection Month, but we’re dedicated to it all year! If you have a child that plays sports or you coach a sport, take some time to talk to your kids about protecting themselves against dental and facial injuries. Experts have offered up these specific tips for children who play sports: Always […]

Why Dental Implants Are Necessary

What would you do if you went to the dentist to get two or three teeth pulled, then woke up and realized that all of your teeth were pulled out? Sounds like a nightmare, right? It was a reality for a 21-year-old Indiana man who went to a dentist to get three painful teeth pulled. […]

Early Rather Than Later Is Best For Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the questions we’re asked frequently at Wagner Oral Surgery is whether or not to remove wisdom teeth if they’re not causing problems. Our answer is usually yes, we recommend removal of wisdom teeth at about age 15. In some cases, such as with braces, we recommend removal as part of that treatment plan. That’s because late emerging wisdom teeth can cause […]

American Heart Association Retreats From Link Between Gum and Heart Disease

After decades of advice to brush and floss regularly as a way to combat heart disease and stroke, the American Heart Association has now retreated.

Foods Bad For Your Smile

Soft Drinks These beverages’ high acid content can strip minerals from your tooth’s enamel. You may have been told that this is only the case in dark sodas, but this is proven untrue. In fact, studies have shown that clear, citrus-flavored soft drinks dissolve enamel 2-5 times more than colas. Sports Drinks It’s important to […]

February is Oral Health Month!

In honor of Oral Health Month, we would like to help raise the awareness of overall oral health. It’s never too late to develop good habits that will lead to healthy teeth and gums. Here are several tips to ensure lifelong oral health: Floss daily to remove the plaque build up between teeth and under […]

Benefits of Coconut Oil in Oral Health

Coconut Oil, also known as miracle oil, is rich in vitamins and is becoming a source in medical practices. You’ve probably heard it makes your hair shiny and is great to cook with, but did you know it also has benefits for your teeth? As it turns out, coconut oil kills the bacteria that cause […]