Bone Products

In recent years the science of preparing human products for use as graft materials has grown greatly. Bone products have especially advanced with removal of proteins and sterilization through irradiation. We use this material every day to restore or build up areas that are bone deficient. The material looks like grains of coral or sand.

The biologic activity of the bone product is wonderful. Your body recognizes it as bone and grows new bone around it. Over time your natural healing and growing processes utilize (absorb) the graft and replace it with your own bone. This is a predictable and very successful process that results in added bone mass and size to the area we are grafting.

We most often utilize the technology of PRGF and PRF (Platelets Rich in Growth Factors; Platelet Rich Fibrin) along with the bone graft materials to create what we like to call a “super charged” graft. Your own bio-active cells are concentrated in the PRGF and PRF and significantly accelerates and augments the bone grafting process to give the best results.

These are relatively easy procedures.

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