The jungle while on a mission trip

Dr. Wagner with a happy patient and dental assistant on a mission

Faith Statement

As a Christian I have a strong Christ-centered belief in Bible-based principles. I try every day to live my life by these teachings. For me this is very much a living faith that extends into all aspects of my life. Even if you are not a believer, this should be of importance to you in that you know that I, along with my staff, are people who hold honesty and integrity as very high standards. You should expect the best from us. 

Mission Trips

Along with their involvement in our community, Dr. Wagner, his staff and family  members are active in international humanitarian /mission trips. Their focus is the underserved areas where there is no access to oral surgery care.   We have gone on construction trips, but most of our trips have been medical/dental mission trips  where we go to remote areas and set up clinics often in open-air shelters. Collectively we have been to Panama, Guatemala, Papua New  Guinea, New Zealand, Venezuela, Honduras, Amazon River Community, Dominican Republic and Kenya.  

 We have had the privilege of serving village and tribal people of many cultures.  It amazes and humbles me how people will travel for many miles to come for our care. We, along with others who sponsor us, donate our time, financial support, equipment and services to provide care for the underserved in the world. Setting up these clinics involves planning, organization, and procurement of support and equipment; we do this as a team. This is a wonderful way to not only share your talents, but it is also a way to show the world that we in the United States are a generous and caring people. Mission work is extremely rewarding. It is challenging and you are often placed well outside of your comfort zone.  But the experience and rewards that you come away with are far greater than anything that you could put into it. You can go on trips just like these!  We can give you the information if you are interested.  All ages and skills are welcome.