Why Choose Our Practice?

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When it comes to picking an oral surgeon, we know that you have options. Personalized, gentle, comprehensive patient care is our number one priority.

Here are just a few things that make our practice unique:


 Our philosophy statement and mission statement for our practice is that “we provide high quality comprehensive care in a comfortable environment with attention to detail for patient comfort.” We have always taken this phrase very seriously and when you unpack the phrase there are a number of implied qualities that we team up with our practice motto: “Experience and excellence”. There are so many aspects of the care that we provide that as a patient you likely feel, but cannot see. We think about the smallest details and we find joy and our own job satisfaction in providing these for you as a patient. Our great desire is for you to come away from our care knowing that we did our best for you – with a feeling for you of satisfaction and peace.


Dr. Wagner is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgical care. As his career has moved forward he has continually and regularly attended advanced surgical training and education, continually updating our techniques and instrumentation. We expect that you will recognize his knowledge, confidence and caring attitude right away. 


Dr. Wagner, his family, and his staff have been involved in regular community outreach programs along with our international mission work over the years bringing oral surgery care to thousands of people who otherwise would never have had access. We have regularly been involved with the Wisconsin Mission of Mercy through the Wisconsin Dental Association. This is a very large and well organized program to bring dental and oral surgical care to the underserved across the state of Wisconsin. Typically, with Mission of Mercy, each year we go to a different Wisconsin city usually setting up in a school auditorium or convention center with hundreds of dentists, dental hygienists, assistants, and volunteers providing care at no cost. The typical recipients of this care are the homeless, the poor, and those who may not have access to care for various reasons. Our international missions work has taken us all over the world with a team of medical and dental providers that we help to organize, again providing care for the underserved.  


I was raised by a caring and disciplined father and mother who instilled strong values in us as we were raised. Integrity and honesty were held as some of the highest values. I have carried this forward and you will find that in our practice we not only handle our business and our lives with integrity and honesty, but we have very high ethical standards in all aspects of your evaluation, care, treatment, and finances. We care deeply about our patients, the care that they receive, and their well-being. My professional recommendations for you and your family are the same recommendations I would give for my own.


We are very experienced at what we do from the front office, insurance care, to patient care, and of course surgical care and technique. We have dealt with most all situations and we are able to deal with problems in a direct, precise manner. Dr. Wagner approaches care needs directly and honestly recommending the best care as he would recommend it for his family. This is true for our entire staff in dealing even with your scheduling or insurance needs. Our desire is to provide the best service possible and provide the service as we want it provided for us. We will help you with seeking out the best options for care and also the options for care that will best suit you including your financial needs. 


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