Smile-Friendly Summer Food & Drinks

Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists understands that nobody wants to undergo oral surgery this summer, so we created a list that informs consumers about what food and beverages they can enjoy this summer. The great thing about this list? You guessed it. These foods and beverages help promote healthy oral care. Oral surgery prevention begins with good oral health. If you want healthy teeth, feel free to indulge in items on our list this summer.


Tis the season for fresh fruit. Sadly, many people avoid fruit because of its high, sometimes tooth-damaging, sugar levels. Although it’s true that a lot of fruit does have high sugar content, not all fruit is harmful to your oral health. Crunchier produce is better for your teeth. Surprisingly, these fruits have a higher water content, something WebMD said is better for your teeth, because it dilutes high sugar concentrations. So, when it comes to fruit, opt for firmer options. And, no, this does not mean dried fruit, a serious oral health offender.


It’s officially grilling season. When it comes to your oral health, rest assured that those burgers, hot dogs, and other smoked meats won’t damage your smile. In fact, oral care experts believe that meat helps protect your teeth. WebMD explained how saying, “These foods are thought to protect tooth enamel by providing the calcium and phosphorus needed to remineralize teeth (a natural process by which minerals are redeposited in tooth enamel after being removed by acids).”

Cheese & Milk

Want to add some cheese on that burger? Go ahead. Your teeth will be better off if you splurge. For similar reasons as meat, cheese is believed to help promote healthy oral care. And if you want something to wash down that burger, opt for a glass of milk. Just like cheese, milk assists with the remineralization of teeth. Don’t forget that fluoridated water is always a healthy, smile-friendly beverage choice, too.

Now that you know what foods are best to put on your plate this summer, you’re ready to get the grill fired up and indulge in a summer barbeque. To maintain good oral care, make sure to avoid food and beverages mentioned in our previous blogs. Need an oral surgery consultation? Call Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Specialists at (262) 634-4646 today.

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