Bone Grafting – Introducing PRGF

Let’s face it, there’s more to a pretty smile than nice teeth. Healthy bones are an essential component in maintaining a camera-perfect smile. At Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists, we understand that not everyone has perfect oral health. Dental implants and bone grafting are excellent solutions for an imperfect smile. If you’re ready to make the bone grafting leap, we suggest you consider PRGF (Platelets Rich in Growth Factors). Wondering what makes this technology superior? We’ve got the scoop on how this new technology compares with other bone grafting methods.  


Bone grafting has come a long way in recent years. New technology like PRGF is revolutionizing bone grafting procedures. We’re dedicated to our patients, so we couldn’t be more excited about this newly available service. Here, we use bone grafting procedures to mend damaged bones before dental implant surgery. When a patient’s bone is either injured or unfit for dental implants, bone grafting allows our specialists to rebuild otherwise irreparable bone.

In the past, traditional bone grafting methods haven’t always allowed for bone to be placed in areas where it’s needed. However, cutting edge technology like PRGF has become available, resolving this issue. Now, hard-to-reach spaces can be accessed during bone grafting surgery. It gets better, though! PRGF offers a slew of other great benefits.  

PRGF Benefits

  • Recovery – recovery from bone grafting surgery has never been better. PRGF allows for a quicker recovery than previous methods. So, what’s the driving factor behind this enhanced bone regeneration? “PRGF enhances bone regeneration due to its specific properties, some of which include its biocompatibility, biodegradability, easy preparation and manipulation, versatility, osteoinductive properties due to the growth factors released and osteoconductive properties due to the fibrin scaffold,” reported a source. Pretty impressive, right?

  • Safety – attention patients, the bone grafting days of bone donors are gone! Because this procedure uses blood plasma from your own body, your risk of disease transmission is eliminated.

  • Convenience – don’t rule out PRGF because you worry that it will be a long, complicated process. Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists refines your PRGF in our office throughout your procedure.

  • Cost – we’re dedicated to providing you with the best quality of oral care possible. Our patients can rest assured that we always offer great service at a fair cost.

If you’re considering bone grafting, make sure to look into our new PRGF services.  Need an expert? Look no further than Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists! For more information on our bone grafting services, call (262) 634-4646 today.  

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