The who when where and why FOR WISDOM TEETH


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I suggest having wisdom teeth removed at a younger age for several reasons. When patients are younger the roots of wisdom teeth are shorter, basically less “grown in” so less resistant to removal. They are typically “looser” in the bone making it a less painful and less risky process. Lastly, removing them early means better and faster healing and an easier recovery.WHY?


Most people do not have room for their third molars. Even when there is space in the jaw there is typically poor attached gum tissue contours. As time progresses they develop problems which often damage the adjacent teeth adversely as well. Risks of treatment increase with age.

Gum disease.

Germs and debris can make their way in behind the tooth in front of the wisdom tooth site. This can lead to inflammation of the gums over the wisdom tooth, but more importantly can lead to permanent bone loss on the adjacent second molar.


The presence of the wisdom teeth signals the teeth around it to shift to “make room”. This can complicate orthodontic problems.


Bacteria tend to be harbored by impacted teeth. Because you are often not able to clean it, decay can progress and damage the
adjacent second molar.

Poor position.

Wisdom teeth often develop at abnormal positions and angles. This magnifies the other issues such as risks and infections.


The developing tissues around wisdom teeth can develop growths and tumors. These can be very destructive and can be avoided by early removal.

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