When wisdom teeth are removed at a younger age, the development of permanent periodontal problems is reduced significantly. It is easy to assess the potential problems with wisdom teeth at an early age – I recommend about age 15. It is an easier procedure all the way around and waiting increases the risks of irreversible pathology and problems.

What is the Right Age for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?


The second molars come in at about age 12. The wisdom teeth often have an impacted position up against the back of the second molar tooth. In this position, they can silently cause pocketing and bone loss on the second molar. We can also find decay on the second molar from the position of that tooth. Once the wisdom tooth becomes symptomatic, it is often too late and we are stuck with the effect (periodontal problem or decay) on the second molar for life. 

Removal of wisdom teeth is a less complicated and less risky procedure on the younger patient. I recommend that patients come in for an evaluation as early as age 15. We can assess the risks and concerns and give appropriate recommendations for care. No matter your age – younger is better – come in and get them evaluated.

In our practice we can provide treatment easily and effectively under anesthesia, making it a painless procedure. We are careful and gentle as with all of our procedures. We take excellent care of you throughout your treatment.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experts

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