Dental implants are not a commodity, but rather a surgically placed medical device. Materials and methods matter significantly. The skill of the surgeon matters significantly. Dental implants have an exceptionally high survival rate, but survival does not mean excellence or even adequacy. We regularly see dental implants which were placed poorly by other providers where the implant teeth are in various stages of failure and have to be removed.

Discount dental implants are just that. You get what you pay for in materials and methods. So what does that mean? Expect a well done implant to last a lifetime. Expect a budget implant to last a matter of years. There is another down side to this. As disease progresses – such as bone loss on a poorly done implant – you are losing valuable jaw bone and support needed for good health of the mouth.

The bottom line is, research out your dental implant surgeon. Look with skepticism at “one stop shops” or promises of discount treatment. We are experienced and provide excellent care. When you come to us for dental implant care it will be the best care possible.