I am excited to announce that we have taken the All on Four™ concept to a whole new level. There are many ways to say it: Teeth in a Day™, Same Day Teeth™, Smile in a Day™, etc, etc. These have all been coined to illustrate the immediacy of this technique.

In fact, I would say that this new technique is a quantum leap in that the process which was tedious, time consuming, and sometimes difficult to predict has become much more predictable, easier, and faster.

By eliminating a conversion denture we are able to take your patient right into a secure provisional with excellent esthetics. This is done through the use of detailed virtual planning. One of the best parts is that this takes you out of the process of converting an existing denture or new denture. In fact, if you prefer, you do not even need to be there for our surgical procedure at all. That results in increased productive chair time for you and in fact this technique results in a much easier process for us surgically as well. The typical patient for this procedure is dentate, often phobic, tired of dealing with their avoidance or recurrent dental problems, and ready to transition into a great new technology. Edentulous or dentate, many patients can benefit from this care.

I will be looking forward to the opportunity to share this technique with you. We will be offering continuing education on this and if we have cases in the meantime we will see you through it one on one. I appreciate all referrals. Please consider sending your patients for a consult to consider implant care.