Some people might beg to differ, but I am not a hoarder or a pack rat. In fact, I have spent quite a bit of time over the past few years trying to downsize and simplify my life (see the book: Freedom of Simplicity by Richard Foster).

Reusing Makes a Difference

We use a lot of sterile water in a surgical practice and the water comes in one liter bottles which are very sturdy, have a wide mouth, and seal well. We do not use the bottles in the surgical areas so, I have saved these bottles over time and used them for various needs such as storage of wet or dry products. They are roughly square and they stack well.

On our recent mission trip to the Amazon jungle in northern Brazil, I brought two dozen of these along initially using them as packing material. Aside from use for storage, they turned out to be ideal as canteens. Two of them fit perfectly into an insulated “lunch box” and we used them extensively. We left them all there and I am sure they will be used by the local tribal people for storage. I was glad I had saved them and glad we had brought them.

Socially Conscious Oral Care in Milwaukee

We take the lessons we’ve learned in Brazil and elsewhere and make sure that our patients benefit from them. When our patients come to us, we can promise them innovative care and a gentle experience. For a consultation, call Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists at (262) 634-4646 today! Our professional, experienced oral surgeon will take excellent care of you.

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