A Visual Overview of Wisdom Teeth Removal

For many people, the phrase wisdom teeth removal inspires anxiety. While tooth extraction is not a walk in the park, it is often necessary to ensure oral health.

Dr.  Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists of Racine, WI can provide more information on wisdom teeth removal to help ease your mind. 

Here are the pertinent facts about wisdom teeth removal that you should know.

What You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why Should My Wisdom Teeth be Removed?

When people reach their late teens their jawbones have nearly reached full adult size. When this happens, the teeth become trapped in the bone and grow wherever they can, causing impacted molars. Sometimes the jaw isn’t big enough to hold developing wisdom teeth, necessitating tooth extraction.

Problems Wisdom Teeth Cause

If your wisdom teeth aren’t removed, they can cause serious complications, including:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Tooth Decay
  • Periodontal Disease: When a wisdom tooth partially breaks through the gum’s surface, bacteria can get under the flap and result in a nasty infection in the gum.
  • Cysts: If the sac that holds the crown remains in the bone, it can fill with fluid and form a cyst. That cyst can destroy the bone surrounding it. These cysts can be very destructive.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Removal Occur?

The ideal time for wisdom teeth removal is between the ages of 15 and 20. Sometimes they’ll need to be removed earlier. No matter the age, a “watch and wait” approach is generally a recipe for problems.

Benefits of Removing Wisdom Teeth for Teenagers

  • Minimal risk because roots aren’t fully developed, meaning that surgeries are uncomplicated.
  • Periodontal problems are minimal.
  • The patients are healthy, and often under parents’ care.
  • A teenager’s life is usually less complicated than an adult’s.

Risks if Waiting Beyond the Teen Years for Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Teeth become more anchored in the jaw bone.
  • Teeth and bone are less pliable.
  • Overall health diminishes with age.
  • Stressors like work and family are much more likely to be a part of the patient’s life.

Steps in the Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

  1. The initial exam
  2. X-ray scan
  3. Surgery

What to Expect After Surgery & During Recovery

You should heal within a few days. Your oral surgeon will prescribe the appropriate medications.

Don’t fear the unknown when it comes to wisdom teeth removal; call (262) 634-4646 to talk to our oral surgery experts.


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