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Marsupialization is a technique for treating oral and facial cysts (odontogenic cysts) that we have used successfully in many cases to avoid losing involved teeth. The procedure involves entering into the involved jawbone cyst by making a window, typically removing a portion of the cyst for further biopsy, and creating an opening from the outside tissue into the cyst space – creating a pouch, – thus marsupialization. It is not always a “more conservative” procedure as it does increase the risk for complications during the healing process. It can heal shut, it can get infected, it can require other or different treatment depending on the healing, so it is not a perfect science.

Oral Surgeon Perspective on Marsupialization

Having said that, an an oral surgeon, I do recommend and use it for many procedures. The goal is to get the cyst space to heal in without tooth loss. This can be especially important when there are one or more permanent teeth associated with the cyst, which is common.

We have performed this procedure many times with good success, but you must be selective and frankly, most cases of jaw cysts do not meet the criterion for this procedure, performed by an oral surgeon. Treatment of jaw cysts and tumors (odontogenic cysts and tumors) are a common procedure for us and we are expert in this. When we evaluate such a problem, the oral surgeon will consider all of the options for care and discuss these options to make up a proper, excellent surgical plan.

Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 71:1825-1832, 2013

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