In the years during which I have been in practice as an oral surgeon, we have experienced quantum leaps in bone grafting techniques, materials, and methods. The use of various bone products, PRGF, PRP, and titanium mesh, to name a few, have greatly enhanced our ability as oral surgeons to gain bone height in areas where it has been lost due to processes such as atrophy and trauma.

Oral Surgery Techniques for Saving Bone Tissue

We may not have an ideal oral surgery technique yet, but we are able to regain lost bone in many circumstances. The main problem that I run into is time. It often takes many months and sometimes more than a year to perform the necessary procedures to rebuild the bone and tissue bed to a level where the site is satisfactory for standard dental implant placement.

Most bone restoration cases are very straightforward and we can build the bone and place implants in one procedure. There are, however, many variables which can affect the outcome and we look at theses as part of your evaluation. We do have mini implants, but these may not be a long term solution for many individuals.

These oral surgery techniques and related technologies are extremely exciting and I count myself very lucky to be at the cutting edge of these advancements.

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(Vertical Ridge Augmentation =building up the ridge, PRGF=Platelets Rich in Growth

Factors, PRP=Platelet Rich Plasma)

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