Unused Medications Get A Second Life

Every year hundreds of millions of prescriptions are written for hundreds of millions of Americans. We are a nation of medication. Fortunately, medical care in the United States is the best in the world and we have access to the remedies that will make us better.

If you have unused medication bring it to us and we'll use it!

For those less fortunate seeing a dentist or physician and receiving proper treatment is out of reach. For the poorest or least developed countries the lack of necessary political and economic stability as well as international aid can leave a country such as Guatemala on the outside looking in.

My staff, my family, and I have traveled on mission trips to Guatemala, Papua New Guinea and Kenya and witnesses firsthand the uphill battle these people face. We provide much needed dental attention and many will never see a dentist again until the next mission trip and that may be years. Unfortunately the majority of procedures we perform are extractions as dental care is at the lowest minimum in many areas. This also means susceptibility to infection and antibiotics may be nowhere in sight.

If you’ve ever had an abscessed tooth you are no doubt aware of how painful and debilitating it can be. Carry one around for years and you’re in real danger of a sustained infection and bone loss.

Our mission trips not only mean access to care it also means access to drugs and other medications that can mean the end to a life of pain and misery. It’s what keeps us going back year after year, voyage after voyage. Delivering a message of hope along with care is what we believe in.

If you have excess medications just sitting idly in your drawers and cabinets bring them into the office of Wagner Oral Surgery. We’ll take just about anything you have; blood pressure medications, diabetes medications, pain medications, cold remedies, vitamins or supplements. Even if they’re outdated we can use them. What you may not even notice when you’re searching for a Band-Aid can mean a child can go back to school or a husband back to work without pain, free of infection, and able to resume their lives.

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