We treat patients of all ages for removal of teeth including impacted third molars (wisdom teeth). Changes occur with the teeth and jaw bone as we age which can affect the risk factors with this surgical care. There are a number of identifiable factors such as the relationship of the tooth roots to adjacent vital structures such as the sinuses and nerve/neurovascular bundles. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 75:680-686, 2017). My personal experience has been that most individuals continue to have low risks with this procedure through life. At least we are able to provide extraction services safely and we are able to minimize risks with proper imaging and techniques. We can quantify and qualify the risks at the time of assessment. We can also gauge whether it is likely that the impaction may cause a problem in your lifetime or not. As a general rule, we favor early removal of wisdom teeth. This includes that it is better to remove at age 15 than age 25; 40 rather than 50; 88 rather than 98; etc. General health, medical concerns, healing capacity, comorbidities (other problems that may contribute to risk), etc. all tend to be a greater concern as we age.

If you have your wisdom teeth and are aware of potential concerns please get in and get evaluated. It makes it a lot easier and less risky.