Outpatient anesthesia delivered by Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OMFS’S) in the office continues to be an extremely safe procedure.  (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 77:1602-1610, 2019)  We see regular and consistent attacks on the practice of surgery and anesthesia provided in the office setting by OMFS’S from many fronts. The plain truth is that this is all driven by financial factors. We provide a safe treatment at a significantly reduced fee compared to other outpatient surgery centers and we make a good living at it. There are other centers and practitioners who would like a piece of that pie so we get pressed and attacked trying to push this care into other locations such as surgicenters or hospitals.

The plain truth is that OMFS’S are some of the most highly trained and may be the most highly trained group as it relates to providing the office-based team model for anesthesia and surgery delivery. Our American Society continues to stress, train, and monitor best practices for our membership.

The cited article studied self-care and practices for a two year period in one state, but it is representative of our national standards and care-desires as a specialty.

We are well aware that there are risks adherent in anesthesia and surgery and we train and stress preparedness. We also see the trends of more and more patients living longer and with more significant health problems and risks. We continue to provide care as comfortably and cost effectively as we can. I am sure that I do not speak for all OMFS’S, but I am sure that I speak for most. We care deeply about our patients and we wish to provide the best care in a safe, comfortable way and in a cost effective manner.