Difficult wisdom teeth are the regular practice for an oral and maxillofacial surgeon (OMS). We are expert in removing third molar teeth (wisdom teeth) and we know how to evaluate and treat all of  them – even when they are associated with difficult anatomy and/or pathology such as cysts and tumors. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 79:748-755, 2021).

An experienced OMS knows the advanced techniques and has the diagnostic methods and instrumentation to perform these procedures with excellence. Please note that as much as we can handle the very difficult impactions – we are also the experts for removing the easy ones! And remember, we have the skills and facilities to provide your care with the added comfort of anesthesia. We will take great care of you!

New techniques and instrumentation are coming up all of the time. New ways of imaging also help with the surgical techniques. Even with all of these new materials and methods. Surgeries have risks and these have to be reviewed with your surgeon along with treatment alternatives and options. Horizonal impactions look nasty on the x-ray and frankly they do have a number of increased concerns compared to a tooth that might be just tipped a little bit or vertical in position. I keep repeating this in my blogs, but it is true that the earlier the tooth is removed typically the risks will be lower. If you have gotten past that and are now facing a difficult horizontal impaction, just make sure that your surgeon has the experience, skills, materials, and methods to handle the procedure.