Pain control is a key part of the training of an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. The list below is medical terms we use to describe or qualify discomfort. I thought they might be interesting and give a couple of “words with friends” additions.


Pain Descriptors in Oral Surgery

Pain Term

Definition and Common verbal Descriptors


Painful response to an innocuous stimulus


Absence of pain to a noxious stimulus


Unpleasant abnormal sensation (spontaneous or evoked) – descriptors include: tender, pricking, stinging, burning, electric, cold


Increased painful response to a noxious stimulus


Explosive abnormal pain that outlasts a noxious stimulus


Reduced sensation to stimulation – descriptors include: numb, rubber, swollen, wooden


Pain in the distribution of a specific nerve

Neuropathic pain

Spontaneous pain caused by a lesion or disease of a somatosensory nervous system – involves sharp paroxysmal pain not associated with painful stimuli – descriptor include: throbbing, electric shock, burning, excruciating, wrenching


Abnormal sensation (spontaneous or evoked) that is not unpleasant – descriptor include: tingling, tickling, itching, crawling

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