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Molar Extraction Technology Helps with Dental Implants

 Oral surgery procedures like molar extraction and dental implants can sometimes be a difficult process, but new technology is making these processes better than ever. Having teeth removed and dental implants put in after a long period of time can cause several issues. The more you delay the installation of dental implants, the higher chances […]

History of Dental Implants

Dental implants are devices that are surgically installed in a patient’s mouth as a replacement for their natural, damaged teeth. These devices are thought by many to be innovative solutions to dental conditions. Although this is true, it is important to understand their early oral applications. Dental implants now play a crucial role in the […]

Immediate Implants and PRGF: What you Should Know

  Historically, the immediate placement of dental implants into extraction sockets has given us variable results. Certainly, when we try to place a dental implant into a poor site where the bone is of poor quality, we should expect bone loss. In most cases, our implant will still be a success in that it will […]

Avulsed Teeth: What to Do

Avulsed (knocked out) teeth can result from a number of circumstances. Typically, sports-related injuries and other facial trauma are the root of avulsed teeth. People aren’t usually expecting this type of facial trauma, so it’s best to be prepared. At Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists, we care about your oral health. Avulsed teeth […]

Importance of Facial Protection

April was National Facial Protection Month, but we’re dedicated to it all year! If you have a child that plays sports or you coach a sport, take some time to talk to your kids about protecting themselves against dental and facial injuries. Experts have offered up these specific tips for children who play sports: Always […]

Why Dental Implants Are Necessary

What would you do if you went to the dentist to get two or three teeth pulled, then woke up and realized that all of your teeth were pulled out? Sounds like a nightmare, right? It was a reality for a 21-year-old Indiana man who went to a dentist to get three painful teeth pulled. […]

Osetoporosis And Dental Care

Your dentist may be the first to notice signs of osteoporosis.

Smoking And Oral Health

Smoking can cause bone loss, gum disease and tooth loss.

What To Do If You Lose A Tooth

If you lose a tooth it’s critical to get help as soon as possible.

Beware Of Over-consumption Of Sports And Energy Drinks

Sports and energy drinks may cause damage tooth enamel.