Surgical root tip surgery (apicoectomy and retrofill) has been a common procedure for us my entire career. Although it is a tedious and meticulous procedure, I actually enjoy it. In many cases, it is a last-ditch effort to save a failing tooth. Because of this, and with the advancement of implant treatment, it is often a better decision to just lose the tooth and put the resources toward a new implant tooth.

Excellent Results with Your Root Canal

My material of choice when I perform retrofill is Super-EBA. It handles well and has given consistently good results (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 70:2041-2047, 2012). In this article, Super-EBA is compared to MTA in a study of regional tissue response in a dog model.

Typically, we are performing this procedure in cases where conventional root canal fill is failing or is not possible. In some cases, retreatment of the root canal fill can be tried.

New Technology

We can now use cone beam imaging to look at a very high resolution 3-D image of a tooth root and root apex to look for root fractures or incomplete fills. These are the most common problems that I find with failed root canal. With the cone beam study, we can make an excellent diagnosis and decide the best treatment course moving forward.

Thorough Surgical Root Canal Procedures

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