Let The Surgeon Place Your Implants

This blog entry sounds self serving, but my reason for writing this blog is that I saw another patient in the last several days with a dramatic healing problem with loss of jaw bone structure relating to previous implant treatment that was done poorly. We are seeing a trend toward “every dentist” placing dental implants. Contrary to what I hear is taught in many courses and dental schools, placing dental implants well is not “easy” to do. In particular, it is not easy to do well. I am seeing more and more patients enter my practice to try and recover from poorly done implant care or to try to recover lost bone resulting from a surgical fiasco provided by an inexperienced, but maybe with well-intentions, practitioner who was practicing outside of their skill set.

Trust a Surgeon With Proper Training and Experience

To me this is malpractice, but since it is “just teeth” or “just jawbone” we do not place a high value on the fact that a patient has a poor result or loss of structure. “At least no one died” is a common statement. I do not see it like that. Surgeons with the proper training and experience will not put their patient at risk in the first place and these surgeons as well are able to deal with complications effectively when they do occur.

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