The Medical Uses of Superglue

It has been known for years that superglue can be used to repair wounds and is tolerated well by the body. It has also been used effectively in this way for facial incisions. The benefit is time and accuracy. The problem that I see is that in many cases the tissues we are trying to suture are diseased or traumatized. This requires us to look for adjacent healthy tissues and extend sutures to these areas. The take-home message is, that “liquid bandage” and “superglue” although initially irritating, can be an effective way to hold a wound or surgical site closed.

Beware, if you ever use this at home, that it causes quite a bit of discomfort when applied.

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(Ref. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 71:2152.e1-2152.e8, 2013)

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