Recently the Journal of the American Dental Association committed an entire journal supplement to the use of baking soda containing toothpastes (dentifrices) and their benefits to oral health. (JADA 148(11 suppl) November 2017). This supplement contained 6 articles evaluating these in a comparative way to other toothpaste types. The articles draw these conclusions:

  • The low abrasivity of dentifrices containing baking soda makes them especially suited for safe daily use in oral hygiene regimens.
  • Microbiological studies have shown that baking soda products have significant bactericidal activity against oral pathogens, which explains benefits demonstrated in the clinical studies on plaque biofilm and gingivitis reduction.
  • Baking soda dentifrices favor patient compliance because they have stain-reducing and whitening properties, a feature which can be used as a motivator, and may, in fact motivate patients to brush more regularly.
  • Neutralization of plaque acids by baking soda supports caries reduction as well as facilitation of remineralization of incipient (small) carious lesions.

I have to say that even though I had tried them in the past I was not a follower or advocate. I am now. I will just add that I feel that fluoride is still the most important additive for your toothpaste in order to reduce decay and provide healthy tooth structure. Based on this new information I would recommend the use of baking soda containing toothpastes for regular use.