We do not use the STOP-BANG questionnaire per-se to screen patients who are planned for intravenous anesthesia. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 77:1135-1142, 2019) STOP – BANG is an acronym for questions you would ask someone you suspect might have sleep apnea.  Snoring – Tired – Observed – Pressure – BMI – Age – Neck – Gender. (see: The fact of the matter is, whether you have OSA or not and whether or not you have had it diagnosed, we approach all patients with the same cautions and concerns as we go into oral surgical procedures. We use a titrated dose anesthetic technique which is by-design a safer way to provide the care. We are also constantly monitoring for airway, breathing, PO2, and PCO2. We support breathing as needed as we provide anesthesia and care using appropriate adjuncts.

The fact of the matter is that our surgical site is the mouth, so we are immediately aware of changes in breathing and breathing character as we proceed with care. And we are able to modify our techniques as needed to support proper breathing.

Of course we go through a presurgical screening and questionnaire including an evaluation of existing medical problems such as OSA.