I first saw Dr. Istvan Urban present on the “sausage grafting technique” several years ago at the Pikos Institute course in Orlando. The grafting technique uses PRGF and bone product in a tube shaped absorbable mesh material. This technique uses materials and methods that are familiar to us, but like many things in dentistry, he applied innovative logical thinking and came up with a new application. I have subsequently used this method to graft bone to areas of the jaws where there was not enough bone for implant care. We were subsequently able to place dental implants successfully in the new bone that was created.

The shortcomings of the procedure are that it takes time – often 6-8 months to complete the process – and it is a tedious, involved surgery. On the positive note, it is not a particularly painful process and our results have been very good. Contraindications would be significant health issues that may affect healing (such as radiation and chemotherapy in the past, vegetarian diet, and cigarette smoking).

The assessment for the procedure would include a comprehensive dental plan, a cone beam scan, and clinical examination. This technique can also be used to best prepare the jaws for comprehensive implant care such as the All on Four/Teeth in a Day technique.

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