It is fairly common to see abnormalities on the second molar teeth caused by the presence of the third molar impactions (wisdom teeth). (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 77:11-17, 2019). These are developmental and are caused by the developing tooth structures of the second molar sharing the same space during development causing them to form in “unusual shapes”. For the most part this does not cause failure of the teeth such as infection or decay. More likely this becomes a problem when the teeth have to be removed and/or if gum disease (periodontal disease) becomes an additive issue. The point is that an abnormally shaped tooth may be more prone to disease.

The easy solution to this is early diagnosis and early removal of the offending teeth – often the wisdom teeth or third molars. I recommend early treatment – about age 15 for best results. In some rare cases the second molars may be considered for removal if they have a more–abnormal shape or position and if the third molars can then be guided in either naturally or orthodontically to achieve the second molar positions. If this is the thought – an even earlier age should be considered.