Risks Associated With Wisdom Teeth and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can affect oral health, and so, it is advised that patients who are or who plan to become pregnant should be evaluated and followed closely from a dental standpoint in order to minimize dental problems during pregnancy.

Increased Risk During Pregnancy

In a recent study, the presence of wisdom teeth that have a continuity defect (a communication over the impaction or along the tooth next to the site) are a significant risk factor for developing dental disease during pregnancy.

It is easy to assess wisdom teeth at an early age with a panoramic scan. This allows us to determine the expectation that they may become a problem. Early wisdom teeth removal is associated with less risk, better outcomes, avoidance of related dental problems, and less social complications (life is less complex).

Early Wisdom Teeth Removal is Best Option for Pregnant Women

We do see quite a few patients who develop infections associated with their wisdom teeth during pregnancy and the associated management problems, not to mention risks to the patient and the unborn baby that can be attendant with infections and treatment. I will continue to recommend the early removal of third molar or wisdom teeth to avoid these types of future problems.

Do you Have Questions About Wisdom Teeth and Pregnancy?

At Wagner Oral Surgery, we have experience providing care to women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant. If you have questions about how pregnancy might affect your oral health, we are happy to offer our insight. Call Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists at (262) 634-4646 today to schedule a consultation.

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