Returning To Guatemala

Anyone who knows us knows how much we look forward to our mission trips. Very soon we will be returning to Guatemala, a country we’ve come to know and love. Located in the middle of Central America it’s a beautiful area with warm and inviting people. Unfortunately, as with many countries, there is great poverty. Healthcare is extremely scarce or simply nonexistent.

We can’t wait to go back to Guatemala.

We travel to Guatemala as a part of the Word Of Life Missions and we’ve been partnering with them since 2006. The camp there has been changing many lives across Guatemala and even in adjacent countries. Each life affected is a miracle and the work has had a great affect on many communities. It is truly an example of God’s work on earth and to be even a small part of it is a blessing

We provide medical, dental, and practical care for anyone who needs it. And as facilities are at a minimum we’ve performed surgery in schools, vacant buildings and even in the open air. People come from far and wide, this may be the only medical care they receive, and they come by the hundreds. And as they come to heal their bodies we also offer ministry to help heal them spiritually. Many of these people live in abject poverty and if we can give even one of them the gift of knowing God we hope they might find the same joy that brings us back year after year.

Our group grows each year and not all of us are medical professionals. It only takes a willing heart, a strong back and the desire to reach out to a world in need. But it’s not all hard work; there is fun, community, worship and opportunity to meet people from many varied cultures.

So stay tuned for a full report when we return.


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