Removal Of Foreign Bodies From The Face and Jaw Tissues

As an OMS, I have been referred patients through the years with various “foreign bodies” to remove from the face and jaws. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 73:1911-1916, 2015) These “foreign bodies” have included glass, metal fragments, bullets, dental needles, teeth, and road debris to name a few. The most memorable are several patients who have had bullets in their facial tissues and had no idea how they got there.

Cone Beam Scanner Available in Our Office

Surgeons tend to be very good at visualizing things in three dimensions and of course we are very familiar and comfortable with navigating the anatomy of the face, jaws, throat, and neck. To the uninitiated or inexperienced it can be easy to get lost in these tissues and it can actually be quite risky to try to navigate in unfamiliar tissues. In my era, CT imaging has always been available and has been essential in evaluating such cases. Now with the cone beam scan at our fingertips, we can get real time localization in more difficult cases. We have a cone beam scanner right in our office and we use it to help with planning as well as directly with care when needed.  

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