What are PRP and PRGF?

We use PRP (platelet rich plasma) as an oral surgery tool. It works as a graft extender and as an architecture for bone and tissue healing. (J Maxoillofac Surg 70:2191-2197, 2012) We started using this technology years ago, and it was certainly helpful in surgical sites. The article shows improved blood vessel in growth with its use after oral surgery.

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We now use PRGF (platelets rich in growth factors) to enhance surgical sites and bone grafts. The literature has lagged a little in the reporting the results with PRGF, but from a surgeon’s hands-on experience PRGF has been a quantum leap in improved healing and “take” of bone grafts. I have no question that our use of this material on our grafts has improved not only the quantity and quality of our graft results, but has significantly decreased the time it takes to get bone healing.

We process the blood right in our office (using centrifugation and fractionation). In this process we isolate the PRGF. PRP is also a byproduct of this process (fractions 1 and 2). In many cases, such as a simple bone graft we just use the PRGF. In larger grafts, I will still use the PRP either to act as a coating over the graft or in the donor site when we are using a host bone graft.

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I expect that in the future these growth factors will be synthesized and we will not have to separate them from the blood (such as with BMP). For the types of grafting that we do it is still an efficient and cost effective way of providing this care. The best part is that we have excellent results and we are now able to rebuild structure and place dental implants in places that were previously impossible or at least much more difficult.

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