Promising Advance In Dental Implants

At Wagner Oral Surgery we’ve been performing dental implants for years so we’re always excited when potential improvements appear in the industry.

New technology may make a new smile possible for some patients.

A company in California is developing a new type of titanium implant that could be an option for patients who previously had issues with implants. Some medical conditions such as poor blood circulation and weaker bone caused by diabetes smoking make receiving implants either impossible or problematic.

The company, Nasseo, is a start-up founded in April by two graduates of the University of California, San Diego. They are working to develop unique surface-modification technologies and recently won top prize in the university’s Entrepreneur Challenge. Nasseo received seed money to continue their research.

Details of specific technology weren’t released but in an article on, Kayvon Pourmirzaie, COO of Naseo said, “It’s all about osseointegration. In the titanium dental implant we’re developing, our surface-modification process creates these titanium tubule structures on the surface of the implant. What these structures are doing is essentially altering the surface on a molecular level to provide stronger bone-to-implant bonding and lower inflammatory responses.”

That may sound complicated to you but to us at Wagner Oral Surgery we’re intrigued by the possibility of helping patients we otherwise might not have been able to serve.  A missing tooth isn’t just a cosmetic issue but can lead to other, more serious, health issues including bone loss and facial structure collapse. If this technology comes to fruition we may be able to prevent this in patients who never had the option of dental implants before and that sounds great to us.

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