We have been using Piezosurgery for our office-based surgeries for many years. This is an advanced technology which uses ultrasonic frequencies to perform bone surgery. We have found it to be a cleaner, easier, less painful, and lower-risk way to perform many of our procedures involving bone and soft tissue treatment such as grafting, bone widening, and dental implant care.

Different Patients Mean Different Challenges

 The truth is that any tool is only as good as the hands it is placed in, and a talented surgeon can have great results with a variety of approaches. That is what allows us to deal with the variety of challenges that we encounter with different patients.

A Better Approach to Difficult Treatments

I have found the piezotome to be a great adjunct to our surgical care. It selectively cuts bone and not soft tissues such as nerves or blood vessels, so we are able to better approach difficult treatments with confidence that we were not able to treat in the past.

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Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 72:1168-1172, 2014

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