We have been using Piezosurgery (ultrasonic frequency bone cutting technology) for a number of years. It is clean, precise, and has the advantage that it helps to minimize injury to soft tissue structures as the cutting mechanism with this technology selectively cuts hard tissue and tends to spare soft tissue.

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The shortcoming of the technology is that it is slow and it does produce heat, so it has to be water cooled and we tend to use it for smaller procedures. We are experts in its use.

Because of limitations in the technology, we are not using it for large procedures such as trauma surgery or facial reconstructive (orthognathic) procedures. As the technology advances, I am sure we will use it for these as well. For now, we use it in the office for most of our smaller bone procedures and it works very well and gives us more exacting results.

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Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 72:481-484, 2014

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