Benefits of Early Wisdom Teeth Removal

When we remove wisdom teeth at an earlier age, the sites typically heal in very nicely without periodontal defects. As we age, the risk of developing and retaining periodontal defects on the teeth next to the wisdom teeth increases. This is something that oral surgeons have always known from practice experience; however it is something that we are seeing supported with more and more scientific studies. There still seems to be debate in the dental community about this. I do not feel that there is any debate. It is best to evaluate and treat third molar teeth (wisdom teeth) at about age 15. We are able to make a good prediction at that time of the risks and possible concerns and make appropriate recommendations which could include maintaining these teeth.

Why Early Evaluation by an Oral Surgeon is Essential

The focus in a recent article was the periodontal health of the second molar as a result of the presence of the wisdom tooth. This study showed that if we treat the wisdom teeth earlier, we reduce the risk of having the site heal with a periodontal defect on the second molar tooth. We are able to assess this risk before treatment with a proper x-ray image (panoramic; or better, a cone beam scan).

The take-home message is that it is clearly best to have your wisdom teeth evaluated by an oral surgeon and, if needed, remove them at as early an age as is reasonable. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is the best person to perform this evaluation as we have the greatest experience in dealing with these concerns.

Skilled Oral Surgeon in Milwaukee

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(Ref. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 71:2020-2028, 2013)

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