Orthognathic Surgery in Patients Over 40

Having gone through a residency training program which was strong in trauma, orthognathic, tempromandibular joint, dentoalveolar, and implant surgery I came into practice well versed and confident with these treatments. Over the years, we have progressed with the technologies. Adult orthodontics has become more and more popular which has brought some of these patients in for jaw reconstructive surgery/orthognathic surgery to correct growth problems such as jaws that are too long or short or narrow. Most of these surgeries are performed for functional reasons, although there are some that have cosmetic motives.

In my hands, I have found that patients of all ages tolerate the procedures well. As you might expect, the younger patient’s lives are simpler and it is less of an intrusion.

Patient Coaching

No matter what your age, I coach my patients to make sure they really understand the ins and outs to make a proper surgical decision. Our techniques, materials, and methods such as use of absorbable fixation have resulted in improved outcomes and a better overall experience for even older patients.

Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 72:1995-2004, 2014



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