Oral Care’s Connection to Our Overall Health

Believe it or not, our mouths play a large role in our overall health. Our mouths are full of bacteria and if not general taken care of, can be harmful to our overall health. Lack of oral care is linked to the following serious illnesses.

Individuals with diabetes suffer from lowered immune systems. This can cause their gums to be more at risk of becoming inflamed or being infected from oral bacteria. If developed, these infections can lead to weakening bones around their mouth. Weakening of bones in this area can cause chronic infections and/or tooth loss.

Cardiovascular Issues & Heart Problems
Recently, a link has been discovered between oral care and heart disease from bacteria typically found in the mouth. Those who suffer from a severe form of gum disease- periodontitis- are especially at risk. This disease causes swollen gums that could bleed, allowing bacteria to enter their bloodstream and affect their heart.

If you’re unfamiliar, endocarditis is inflammation of the inner layer of the heart, the endocardium. Bacterial infections originating in the mouth have been linked to this disease and causes the inner layer and the heart valves to become inflamed.

Other Health Conditions 
Besides those three health conditions, other diseases and chronic illnesses have been linked with oral care. These include:

  • Osteoporosis- bone weakening has been linked to periodontal disease
  • Alzheimers- a risk factor to the development of this disease is tooth loss before 35
  • Premature Birth- gum disease has been linked to premature birth

It’s important to take simple steps to prevent these risks. Receiving routine oral examinations and cleanings will reduce the risks of these health problems caused by poor oral care.

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