Nerve Injury With Removal of Wisdom Teeth

Of the more common procedural risks associated with removal of wisdom teeth is nerve injury. Nerve injury, loss of feeling in the lower lip and chin area, is a risk that carries the most weight. It is typically not debilitating, but it is certainly the most commonly sited complication.

Risk Factors for Nerve Injury During Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • Older age
  • impaction severity
  • root formations
  • root anatomy in relation to the nerve

Reduce the Risk of Nerve Injury

If possible, remove your wisdom teeth at an earlier age. I recommend about age 15. At that age, they typically do not have significant root formation so this risk is essentially zero. By about 20 years old, the roots are well developed. As you age further, the attachment of the roots to the bone becomes narrower and maybe calcified, increasing the risk of injury.

Even if you are older, I still recommend an evaluation and I will typically recommend wisdom teeth removal. We can easily assess their position and risks, including the risks to the adjacent structures such as the teeth, sinuses, and nerves.

Experience is key in Wisdom Teeth Removal

When there is risk involved, there is no substitute for experience. We are the experienced care providers for comfortable removal of wisdom teeth. At Dr. Wagner’s office, we are proud to offer comfortable care to patients from Racine and the surrounding Milwaukee area. Call us at (262) 634-4646 to schedule an appointment today.

(Reference: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 70:2508-2514, 2012)

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