I apologize up front if you are drawn to this blog to seek a solution to a crooked face. We do perform orthognathic surgery in our practice which can address this; however this blog is directed at an article comparing observers-variations in how facial asymmetry is seen. (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 73:1606-1614, 2015). Our training and the training of various cosmetic facial surgeons tends to heighten our awareness of facial abnormalities, imperfections, and asymmetries. For this reason, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and other facial surgeons have the highest observation awareness of these variations when this is studied. To me it might be that I notice and wonder if my treatment of this patient would enhance their life. Most of us are aware of the various asymmetries, abnormalities, and “quirks” in our appearances because we ultimately unwittingly examine our own faces each day in the mirror.

Not surprisingly, women are more perceptive than men to others’ facial abnormalities and asymmetries. I am fairly certain that this is cultural in that women are much more in tune with cosmetics and cosmetic related issues.

The fact remains that beauty is skin deep. I am always heartened when I meet individuals who have “abnormal” facial appearances as a result of trauma, disease, or defect and also have a “glowing,” positive, happy personality. I will take the positive attitude to good looks any day.