The Importance Of Oral Biopsies

A small sore on the inside of your mouth may just seem like an minor annoyance. But if it persists it may be a good idea to see a specialist like Lakeside Oral Surgery & Implant Solutions. Many disease processes, conditions and even cancer can present with oral findings, like a little sore, and a simple tissue biopsy may help with a diagnosis.

If you have persistent mouth sores it may be time for a biopsy.

Some chronic mouth lesions, abnormal growths or even just a tiny bump that won’t go away could be an early sign of a larger issue such as cancer.

Premalignancy or malignancy is suspected when persistent oral tissue changes like sores, unexplained pigment (color) changes that are new or rapidly growing bumps or tissue should be evaluated.

Other symptoms may also include a lump or mass that can be felt inside the mouth or neck, pain or difficulty swallowing, talking or chewing or hoarseness that lasts a long time. These symptoms along with a lesion, lump or color change may be a significant indication of need for treatment.

If the area of involvement is small we will often remove the entire area and repair the tissues. If it’s a larger area a biopsy may be called for. In either case the tissues removed will be evaluated by a pathologist to see if more serious health issues are present.

Dr. Pamula and Dr. Wagner are trained and experienced in oral biopsy and tissue removal and we would be happy to see you. Don’t wait if you suspect a problem. Oral cancer is especially serious as it’s typically diagnosed in a later stage than other cancers. So protect yourself and give Lakeside Oral Surgery & Implant Solutions a call.

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