Implant Hygiene

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Cleaning around implant teeth is as important as cleaning around our natural teeth. There are some concerns as it relates to the materials we use around them and the possible injury to the implants. In an ideal implant situation, the top of the implant between the crown and the bone actually attracts attachment of the gingival fibrous tissue similar to the way that the titanium surface in the bone attracts bone growth and maturation. This is an intimate bond, not a biological bond.

When cleaning around implants, it is important not to be stripping that tight tissue attachment from around the implant. The newer implants that oral surgeons use which take advantage of biologic-width should be maintaining a healthy level in the bone and also should maintain this healthy tissue attachment. Obviously, when there is periodontal bone loss on an implant then hygiene will need to be addressing those areas. The use of instruments made for implants such as the Hu-Friedy Implant Care II scalers, Color-Vue probes, and Perioprobes are good ideas. We use titanium surgical instrumentation whenever we are working around implants. This avoids the metallic contamination which can adversely effect integration.

As an oral surgeon, we want to continue to communicate about dental implant care, we ensure the best outcomes for our patients. 

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