What if my Impacted Tooth is Too Close to the Nerve?

 “My impacted tooth is too close to the nerve. Can I have an extraction?”

This is a quote that I have heard in the past from both patients and dentists alike. The fear is that a wisdom tooth or other impacted tooth is too close to the nerve to have a safe extraction.

Many articles have been written about this subject. There are varied opinions and techniques concerning impacted teeth being close to the nerve. I have been removing impacted teeth that are on, along side, and around the nerve for over 25 years. We have always taken a careful and methodical approach to this treatment.

Is Extraction Safe if my Impacted Tooth is Close to the Nerve?

I can tell you from experience that trying to avoid this treatment is not a solution. We do now have 3-D cone beam imaging (CBCT). CBCT allows us to basically perform the extraction virtually ahead of time in order to make the procedure that much safer.

Why Should I Have the Treatment Now?

As we age, the complications associated with impacted teeth and the risks of treatment all increase, so in general, I feel it is bad advice to sit and “watch” such a tooth or just practice avoidance. The impacted teeth do not go away, but they just get worse.

Worried about an impacted tooth?

Again, we are careful and gentle, and we do our best to minimize all of these concerns. If you’re worried about an impacted tooth being too close to the nerve, please reach out to us. Call Wagner Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Specialists at (262) 634-4646 today to schedule a consultation. We’ll take care of you and make you feel comfortable.