If you have seen my blogs before you have heard of our experience – but I feel it is of very important note and I will comment that we have been performing bone and soft tissue grafting procedures for over 35 years. I have watched the evolution of these procedures and have been on the cutting edge of these procedures. I have been fortunate to have trained under and received continuing education from providers and developers of these techniques through the years. We have been using platelet concentrates, plasma rich fibrin (PRF), PRGF and LPRF as well as synthetic bone promoters such as BMP ever since their inception. These have been quantum leaps for bone grafting and bone regeneration techniques. (Compendium Vol 42, #5: 212-227, May 2021). In my hands, the best of these is PRGF (plasm rich in growth factors). It promotes and speeds bone and soft tissue regeneration and specifically increases the acceptance and “take” of a graft. The science and techniques are not perfect, but they work well consistently.

A point of caution, many people advertise the use of these techniques, but few are actually using the proper protocols and materials.


Richard M. Wagner DDS