Tooth Extraction Healing Problem in Diabetic Patients

When we perform tooth extraction in patients who may have an immune compromised state such as diabetes (IDDM) or patients on chemotherapy, there is an increased risk of poor healing, poor bone fill, and infection.

Tooth Extraction for Patients with Compromised Immune Systems

We are experts at dealing with this situation in tooth extraction and with proper technique and care the risks are low. We also have a new technology called platelets rich in growth factors (PRGF) which we use along with bone grafting to enhance grafting and “take” of the graft. This is a very exciting technology which has caused a remarkable improvement in the success with grafting and tooth extraction.

Improving Tooth Extraction

This same technology can be used to improve healing at any site for any patient. It can be a particular help when you have a tooth extraction patient who may likely show poor healing such as a diabetic or other immune compromised patient. It is easy to perform and we do it right in our office at the time of your procedure. This does involve additional expense so we do not perform it as a routine.

If you have concerns about tooth extraction healing or if you just want the best possible result, ask us about PRGF. It is a great technology.

Gentle Tooth Extraction Services in Milwaukee

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Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 72:456-462, 2014

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