Gunshot Trauma Can Last A Lifetime

No one plans on getting shot. Whether you’re the intended victim or a victim of circumstance it’s a shattering experience. It’s especially traumatic if you’re hit in the head or the face. The disfigurement may be lifelong and you will likely never be treated like a normal person ever again.

For some victims medical treatment is slow and may take years before they can walk down the street without drawing stares. For others, stares will be their new normal for the rest of their lives. Some victims find solace in their faith, allowing God to help and heal them.

Medical technology has come a long way in the treatment of gun trauma to the head and face. Dr. Wagner at Wagner Oral Surgery performed his residency in Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Anesthesia at the Cleveland Metro Health Center in Cleveland, Ohio and has experience treating these types of injuries, “Fortunately, we do not have to see as much of these types of injuries here.  Where I trained at Cleveland Metro Health Center, severe trauma was a regular occurrence and we were regularly exposed to it.”

Advances in surgery come every day and victim’s stories become more and more inspiring. Dr. Wagner was especially moved by a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and hopes you find the stories of gun trauma victims and their faith and strength an inspiration to you as well.

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