Grinding and clenching of teeth have been studied extensively and clearly have multiple causes. In most cases, there are multiple overlapping and layered causes. In some cases, it is a normal physiologic activity (such as a child naturally responding to a changing bite during development). In many cases, it is a natural response to a pathologic (abnormal) bite, bite relationship, jaw structure, and/or support structure. In many cases, it is the body’s own response to a disorder or disease of the jaws or supporting structures.

Jaw Surgery: Grinding and Clenching

The article referenced here talks about stresses on the parts of the jaw joint and relates them to clenching and grinding activities. What we know as jaw surgeons is that the main issue is the relationship of the bite to the jaw position. These are typically growth abnormalities that occur during development of the facial skeleton. Physiologic and psychological conditions (abnormal muscle balance, stress, etc) all contribute to the problems.

My practice experience as a jaw surgeon has shown me that the best approach is to control the basic factors that we can, such as correcting jaw and bite relationships with proper surgical, orthodontic, and dental reconstructive care. Once that is done, then we would address internal joint concerns. In most cases, the internal joint problems are relieved by correcting the support structure issues.

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(TMJ, TMD, tempromandibular joint, orthognathic surgery)

Ref: J Oral Maxillofac Surg 72:1070-1077, 2014-07-01

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