Going Green

Even as you first approach our office, you will see that the building is a turn of the century Victorian building.  This originally was a farm house and part of a large estate.  We have maintained a lot of the original feeling of the home and recycled materials and construction elements to maintain the original flavor.  As you enter our practice, you will see this in the woodwork, decorating and design elements.

“We love our old farm house.” Dr. Wagner quips as he shows the repurposed woodwork and stained glass in the entry way and waiting room.  He is proud of the use of passive solar heating and natural light throughout the office.

We maintain a wonderful habitat with green space and trees around our building and there is a 2.5 acre preserve at the back of our lot which supports wonderful wildlife. “We have a wonderful assortment of birds that regularly visit our feeders and nest in our bird houses. It is a special joy to watch them.”  Dr. Wagner, his staff and their families as well have also been involved in community efforts to helping to support the environment and raise awareness for these issues.