Give Me a Good Reason to get the COVID-19 Vaccination!

First, I will give you a good reason not to get it — that is if your faith in God is based on a theology that vaccinations are in some way evil or represent a sin against God.  After that, as a scientist and as an individual with considerable education and knowledge (not an immunologist) in immunology and oral disease states, I feel that the possible benefits of the vaccines so outweigh the risks that it becomes quite silly to not get this vaccine.  (JADA 2021:152(8):596-603)

It is of significance that the vaccines have been given to tens of millions of people worldwide, with a safety profile well above that of other vaccines and well below the risk/complication rate for many medicines that we think nothing about taking, such as antibiotics.  Consult with your doctor and make an informed decision.

Please note, to paint you a picture of me, that I come from a strong medical/surgical background — but on a philosophical background, I am a skeptic, I am a conservative-thinker, and I have a strong Christian faith — I love and genuinely care about the success and wellbeing of all people.

COVID-19 is a dangerous topic to blog about because it is so polarizing and people have such strong opinions.  The key is to respect everyone’s opinion, and I encourage everyone to respect others’ rights to make their own medical decisions.  In the end, that seems to be what has been borne out as true and correct as it relates to this pandemic.

Dr. Richard Wagner