Over the years, I have used a number of different procedures for genioplasty procedures. I have watched my colleagues use various implant materials, but (I feel) luckily I have shied away from them. I have also avoided the use of metal bone screws and plates for these procedures as these have shown to cause long term problems.

My standard procedures are for bone sculpturing for reduction genioplasties and a sliding osteotomy with absorbable bone screws/plates (LactoSorb) for augmentation/advancement procedures. I prefer the use of either native bone or allogeneic bone if a graft is needed. Bone taken from the hip or tibia provides a wonderful graft, but the procedure to harvest the graft is way worse than the genioplasty. The results of genioplasty especially in combination with orthognathic surgery gives typically subtle yet cosmetically satisfying results.


Reference: (J Oral Maxillofac Surg 73:1583-1591, 2015)