Best Foods For Your Teeth

Last week, we started off with the bad news, Foods Bad For Your Smile. Now- the good news. Here are some of the best foods and drinks for your teeth:

Green Tea
There are several health benefits in green tea because of its high antioxidant count. These antioxidant compounds can also prevent plaque build up, therefore preventing bad breath and reducing the risk of cavities.

Dairy Products
Milk, yogurt and cheese are healthy snacks with great oral benefits. Most dairy products are high in calcium which is fortifying for your teeth and bones. Cheese is also high in phosphate and balances the pH in your mouth, helping to produce more saliva and rebuild tooth enamel.

Onions are rich in anti-bacterial sulphur compounds, which are very powerful in killing the bacteria that’s harmful to your teeth. If you can put up with the odor and the tears, raw onions give you the best results.

Celery & Apples
We grouped these together because they have a very similar effect. Apples and raw celery massage your gums and clean your teeth. They are also high in water content and will stimulate the flow of saliva. If you’ve forgotten a toothbrush, eat either of these for close to similar results.

Foods rich in proteins, like chicken, beef, turkey and eggs are also rich in phosphorus. Protein helps keep your teeth healthy and helps reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Sesame Seeds
These seeds can dissolve plaque and help build tooth enamel, especially when combined with bread and rolls. Sesame seeds are also rich in calcium which also aids in keeping teeth healthy.


We hope you’ll be able to pick a few of these items that you can enjoy while improving your dental wellness.


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